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arrow helps webmasters by providing free statistics to its users. These stats give your website the ability to track how many people see your website, as well as where they're coming from. Our tracking service provides accurate stats including: traffic reports, marketing reports, and visitor profiles. This enables you to maximize your time designing the website, and time marketing, knowing where people are coming from, and why. Even learn the keywords they used to find your website! HitsInspector will track your website's statistics 24/7. Plus, you can check your stats from anywhere, at any time - using any internet connection! Simply sign up, insert a piece of code in your page, and your site's stats will instantly start to track. You'll then be able to log in as often as you wish, and receive a detailed, real-time statistical analysis of your website.

What you get?

  • Our service is FREE.
  • Password protected stats
  • Hits Inspector account creation within only 1 minute, counter code is easy to install on your homepage, site or blog
    If you wish to have a visible counter on your site, we offer a number of ways to customise its look to best suit your site's design. You can set the font size and color, the background color, and whether to display pageloads or unique visitors. A visible counter will allow visitors to your site view your total pageloads or unique visitors to date.
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