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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is your service really free? How can you stay in business?
A: Hits Inspector can provide you with free stats because of displaying banner advertisements on it's pages. These banners ads will (hopefully soon) pay the hosting bills for HitsInspector so we may continue to stay alive. It would help keep HitsInspector free if everyone could ensure that a link is placed on their site to HitsInspector and also that people refer HitsInspector to their friends. If HitsInspector can generate enough traffic then the banner ads will be enough to pay for the hosting bill. If you find any of the advertisements interesting feel free to click on one (supporting HitsInspector in the process)

Q: Can I set my counter to any value?
A: You can reset your counter number once you have logged into your account.

Q: What is the difference between a counter and a tracker?
A: A counter is simply the image that displays the number of hits your website received while a tracker records much more information about your visitors (e.g. date/time, number per day, etc.)

Q: Can I use my counter on different pages?
A: Yes. Simply log in to your account, then select 'Get HTML code' and then copy one of the 'multiple page counting' codes.

Q: Help! My counter is broken/not working properly! What do I do?
A: Step 1: Make sure your account it valid, Try logging in.

    Step 2: Test your counter. If it doesn't work send an email to HitsInspector and be sure to include a brief description of your problem, a link to the page with the counter code on it and your username.

if you have a question that is not listed here, simply ask

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